Uncompromising innovation of ingredients

    behind your brands.






  • Our Story


    Located in the middle of Taiwan,

    a Discover, Researcher, and Manufacturer of Cutting-edge Nutraceutical Ingredients.


    The company has two business activities of premium ingredients in the marketplace of health and wellness:

    Botanical extracts

    Fermented ingredients


    Invested by a research-based and highly-recognized company of distributing premium health ingredients, Percheron Bioceuticals, not just a dynamic and strong horse, was found to become a global innovator of nutraceutical ingredients.


    As a R&D-based company, Percheron connects B2B companies in the nutraceutical sector worldwide to the elites of natural functional ingredients for health and wellness, by scientifically researching into extraordinary phytochemicals, fermented compounds, and probiotic strains. Apart from a talented in-house clinical and R&D team, we have established long-term relationship with universities and research institutes to jointly research our products. We in person reach out to the origin places of plants and partner with farming to ensure quality, sustainability, and traceability. It is our dedication to well integrate raw materials, academic view points, and industrial demands into incredible results that truly deliver safety in real life, and meet market requirements.


    What Percheron pursues is final results of nutraceutical ingredients in refinement, uniqueness of its kind, and science, which are free from superficial information or hearsay. For the sake of substantially supporting human health!

  • Our Heritage


    Adherence to research is the fundamental to your brands.

    Taiwan, recognized for its abundant resources of natural agricultural crops and advanced electronic industry, has been ranked the best in the world for its healthcare system amongst 93 countries.


    Research and manufacturing are continuously found every day on this land.  


    Our core strengths are maintained by relentlessly challenging ourselves every day, inspiring our team and partners.


    Percheron’s enthusiasm for forward-looking materials is achieved by:

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    Scientific Validation

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    Extensive Research & Studies

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    Intellectual Property Protection

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    Strict Standardization




    Uncompromising innovation power of ingredients behind your brands.


    At Percheron, we believe that the great nature owns impossibilities and possibilities. We aim to harness the powers and strength from the great nature. To underline our commitment to innovation, Percheron delivers patented science-supported ingredients solutions that are exceptionally novel on the market, for the applications of natural products, nutricosmetic, and food & beverage. We love to use natural ways that found by wherever local traditions or specific species of natural materials. Most importantly, all the amazing findings must be realized by Percheron’s proprietary scientific validation platforms or clinical trials developed with renowned academic professors, to ensure visible efficacies and standardization.



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