Percheron researches and develops cutting-edge nutraceutical ingredients patented.






  • Welcome to Percheron

    Percheron Bioceutical is a purpose-driven company in Taiwan, dedicated to researching one-of-a-kind nutraceutical ingredients by our innovative clinical platforms conducted by our in-house research team and academic collaborations.

    We are incredibly passionate for discovering new findings to scientifically substantiate ingredients that meet today’s diverse dietary supplement market. Our expertise in specialty fermentation ingredients and botanical extracts.

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    is the Key

    At Percheron, we tend not to engage in similarities that have been circulated on the market. Innovation sounds like a cliché. We make it much more meaningful by aiming to discover something unusual, ensuring its uniqueness in its kind, and clinically fulfilling criteria we set.


    You would find that Percheron’s products stand out from the crowd globally, regardless of origin of species, action mechanism, and health benefits. We care about protecting our innovation, brand owner clients, and consumers, which is why we continue to deliver solutions by patented ingredients.

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    Trusted ingredients that are IP protected to support your brands.

    Percheron cares about protecting the achievements and incredible clinical study results that it delivers. It is our awareness that our clients trust us with their reputation and brands. We are committed to delivering our commitment and innovation at the highest level.


    Leveraging our core strength and expertise to develop proprietary signature ingredients, Percheron’s innovation and findings are protected as intellectual property right.

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    Natural Sleep & Mind Support

    Increase Melatonin & Dopamine

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    Improve Dry Eye Syndrome

    Produce Hyaluronic Acid & Sialic Acid

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    Help Metabolic Syndrome

    Reduce Cholesterol, TG, LDL, Uric acid

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    Inner Skin Beauty Capabilities

    Activate GSH & SOD

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    Help Intestinal Health

    Bowel Improvement

  • Do you know how Dry Eye (DE) seriously impacts on our life?


    Proportion of People with DE Worldwide


    Coming with Ocular Surface Damage

    1.6 times

    Women with DE are 1.6 Times Higher than Men


    Males Using Eye Cosmetic Come With DE

    US$3.84 billion

    DE Burden on Healthcare System


    DE Patients Had Dangerous Driving

  • Now, a natural nutraceutical solution has been offered.